Staying cool…

Staying Cools at HIPDesign

Staying Cools at HIPDesign

What do you do when your cooling system packs up just before Christmas?  First, you ring around desperately to gather quotes from tradies who aren’t caught up in a last minute present buying spree or who aren’t already away on holidays.

You leave voicemail messages and contact numbers while Christmas and New Year come and go.  There is very little that you do without your pedestal fan right beside you.  It’s.  So.  Freakin’.  Hot.
You became one of the many who visit their local supermarket to stand, vacant eyed, next to the fridge cabinets, enjoying the air conditioned mini climate.  Total bliss!

Lose count of promises to inspect our non working system and decide to dramatically lower my disappointment threshold.  Crying hot stinging tears doesn’t actually help.  Why won’t these guys deliver on their promises?  As a potential customer, ignoring me leads to irritability and swearing.

I am sharply reminded about the importance of good communication skills in business.  In any sphere of life, really.  Hot humans can quickly become emotional, so best to wear a wet face washer on your head or around your neck when following up on no shows.

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